When our friends at Limoneira Company wanted to let consumers know that there is much more to lemons than lemonade, they turned to Fresh Element. We helped create and implement a digital branding strategy for “Lemons for Life”, a brand awareness campaign designed to create market demand for Limoneira lemons.


STEP 1: We partnered with Limoneira’s in-house marketing team to better understand their branding objectives and identify their target audience.

STEP 2: We developed a brand strategy to create top of mind awareness for the consumer market, a completely different approach than Limoneira’s traditional marketing efforts.

STEP 3: We designed the digital media, chose the distribution channels, and selected the best media sources to reach Limoneira’s target audience.

STEP 4: We launched a nationwide digital branding campaign placing the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.


9 Million
Ad Impressions

Website Traffic Increase

New Visitors vs. Returning


With 3,010 acres of lemons throughout California, Limoneira is one of the largest lemon producers in North America. In its 120 years of operation, the Company has introduced a number of innovations that have added significantly to the industry, such as improved storage methods and sophisticated harvest practices and equipment. Today, Limoneira maintains a demonstration orchard of over 300 citrus varieties, on Limoneira Ranch property in Santa Paula, to satisfy consumer tastes and to help keep the Company at the cutting edge of new citrus products. Research continues to be vital.